Privacy Policy

I collect some information about you when you visit my site, and this information is private. Knowing what browsers and operating systems people are using helps me make sure that the site looks okay on all types of computers and browsers. I keep track of the IP addresses that visit the site, but I don't associate IP addresses with account names, so I can see that someone edited one of their tasks but I don't know which user it was or which task.

I can't see which tasks you receive on the Get tasks page or what you entered into the constaints. If you enable Pain tracking in your preferences, then I keep track of that for you to review later, but the other constraints are not tracked.

The checkboxes on the detailed instructions for the tasks don't do anything and aren't tracked in any way. You can use them if you find them useful or ignore them entirely.

Everything you type into the site is saved when you hit the "submit" button, so that you can see it again later. It's all private, though. You can only see it when you're logged in. You can remove that information by deleting the task, category, or your entire account. There is a confirmation checkbox because once you delete something, it is gone and cannot be restored.

When you sign up, I ask you for your e-mail address. You'll get an e-mail to verify that it's real. If you ever forget your password, I'll e-mail you with a link to help you get a new password. If you send me money, I'll e-mail you to thank you. If you e-mail me with a question, I'll e-mail you back to respond. That's it. I don't like getting e-mails all the time from random companies just because I grudgingly gave them my address in exchange for an account on their site, and I'll treat you as if you feel the same. Your e-mail, just like everything else, is kept private.

Your username can be anything at all. I will never ask you for your real name.

Goal-Fish uses cookies to keep track of who you are. A cookie is a tiny file that sits on your computer and says "hi! I'm me!" When your computer talks to Goal-Fish and says "hey! show me my tasks that I added, and not the ones I hid because I already did them!", Goal-Fish needs to know who you are, so that's why you log in and get a cookie. You can delete the cookie by logging out.