Make sure there is a towel in the bathroom.
Get a towel from the cupboard if there isn't one already and put it in the bathroom.
Check the bath for soap, shampoo, shaving cream, a washcloth, and anything else you might want in the tub with you.
Think about what you want to wear after your bath and bring those things into the bathroom: underwear, socks, pants, a shirt, a bra, a dress, pyjamas, a nightgown.
Don't bring your computer or phone with you, print this out instead if you need to.
Turn the water on.
Plug the tub if you want a bath.
Switch the shower head on if you want a shower.
Plug the tub and switch the shower head on if you want a showerbath.
Turn the water off if the tub gets too full.
Apply soap to all of your parts and then wash the soap off.
The "Hokey Pokey" and the "leg bone connected to the knee bone" song are good ways of insuring you don't miss any parts.
You can wash your hair with a bar of soap, but many people prefer shampoo.
If you are washing your hair, put a little shampoo into your hands and rub them together.
Rub your hands all over your scalp.
Scratch your scalp with your fingertips like it itches and make little circles.
Wash the shampoo out of your hair with the same motion, just do it underwater.
The shampoo is out of your hair when you can wring the water out of it without little bubbles forming.
When you are tired of being in the bathtub and have run out of things to do, it is time to get out.
Some people like to dry off by starting at the top and working their way downwards.
There is some sense to this because of gravity, but you may prefer to start with the parts of you that hate being wet the most, or hate being naked the most, such as your feet or your hands.
If your hair is wet, put a towel on your head and do the scrubbing motion again, like when you were washing it.
If your hair is curly, though, don't use a towel; use a smoother cloth that won't damage your hair, such as an old t-shirt.
Put all of the clothes that you brought into the bathroom with you onto your person, starting with the things you wear underneath: socks, panties, bra.
Hang up your towel to dry, open the door, and turn off the light.